What does Business Jet Traveler Survey 2014 Say?

Business Jet Traveler magazine, one of the premier aviation publications, conducted an annual Reader’s Choice survey and the results are in. This year’s record response rate with more that 1, 200 respondents taking time to answer aviation questions (this is a 13% increase from 2013) was good news to all of us as we had a chance to take a good sneak peak into what really matters to the customers from around the world who opt to fly privately.

The big take-away from this year’s survey is that the future of business aviation looks very positive. While about half of the respondents stated that their level of private flying would remain the same, nearly 40% stated that they would fly more next year. Indeed, when the respondents were asked, “ How do you expect your private flying to change in the year ahead? “ almost 40% replied that they expect to fly a bit or much more over the next 12 months. By comparison, only 10% anticipated flying less.

Another take-away from this survey is that the main reasons why people opt to fly privately are: it saves time and serves many more airports than the general airlines.

This survey goes in line with what Heli Securite’s customers say about our service. Our clients have lots of flexibility in terms of their landing spots, something that only private aviation can offer. Also, our helicopter charter service helps them avoid hold-ups and traffic. Executive helicopter transfers along the French and Italian Rivieras are great for personal and corporate charters, allowing clients to take care of their business in the most efficient manner and arrive at their destination in style, safety, comfort and without any delays.

As a leading helicopter charter provider in the South of France and the French Alps, we are happy to know that the volume of private air transfers is expected to grow in 2015.

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The survey is to be posted online at bjtonline.com/2014survey.

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