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Destination Guide: The 5 Best Secrets of Sardinia

The beautiful island of Sardinia is labelled as the jewel of the Mediterranean, and from an Italian helicopter transfer it is easy to see why. The stunning azure waters that lap the Sardinian coast look spectacular from any of the island’s numerous viewpoints. In recent years, Sardinia has developed a reputation for luxury. We’ve compiled a Sardinia destination guide to assist our curious clients, informing them of Sardinia’s touristic highlights.

The 5 Best Beaches

1. Cala Goloritzè, Baunei – accessing this beach may involve a bit of a walk, but the reward is enough to lure the most reticent of hikers.

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2. Cala Biriola, Cala Gonone – The location for a Guy Ritchie film, Cala Gonone is a natural paradise from every angle.


3. La Pelosa Beach, Stintino – La Pelosa can get crowded at times, but consider this a testament to its natural beauty. The snorkelling here is second to none. Visitors would be mistaken for thinking they are in the Caribbean, such is the whiteness of the sand.

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4. Cala Luna, Baunei – The iconic, colourful cliffs that seem to lean over Cala Luna Beach provide a picturesque beauty to this unique destination.

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5. Su Portu Beach, Chia – This enclosed bay is perfect for families and offers spectacular views of Torre di Chia.

The 5 Best Restaurants

1. La Risacca, Cannigione – Diners at La Risacca are treated to spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea from the exclusive restaurant’s terrace.

2. Al Tuguri, Alghero – Benito Carbonella, an internationally trained chef, treats diners at Al Tuguri to sumptuous Mediterranean cuisine.

3. S’Apposentu, Siddi – Sardinian chef, Roberto Petza, brings traditional cuisine to life in innovative ways at S’Apposentu.

4. La Ghinghetta, Portoscuso – La Ghighetta is a charming, authentic Sardinian restaurant, set in a traditional building that overlooks the sea.

5. Su Furriadroxu, Pula – Dine under the starts at Su Furriadroxu. The charming restaurant is family-owned and approaches service with the same care with which it cooks its food.

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The 5 Best Attractions

1. Guided boat tour – Sardinia is best experienced from the water, which is why the guided boat tour of the island is our suggested activity. Witness different parts of Sardinia is all their glory, from the comfort of a yacht’s deck.

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2. Gola di Gorropu – This deep canyon is a magical place, and offers one of the most spectacular sites in Europe, let alone Sardinia. Hike and climb your way to paradise and enjoy the best views of the jewel of the Mediterranean.

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3. Cagliari Old Town, Cagliari – The capital city of Sardinia is awash in captivating sites, from its melee of spectacular architecture to the tangible sense of history that defines the destination. Wander around the old town, enjoying the slow pace of life.

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4. Neptune’s Grotto, Alghero – Neptune’s Grotto is a magical attraction that best exemplifies the mesmerising possibilities of nature. The caves are inaccessible when seas are rough, so plan your adventure in advance.

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5. Cagliari Cathedral, Cagliari – This iconic cathedral is one of the finest examples of neo-gothic architecture on the island of Sardinia. Admire beautiful artworks and enjoy the tranquility of this holy space.

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The 5 Best Hotels

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Villa Las Tronas Hotel & Spa

1. L’Agnata di De André, Tempio Pausania – The ivy-covered facade of this spectacular hotel instantly evokes the impression of quality; L’Agnata di De André looks like a majestic establishment. Guests are well catered for at this picturesque hotel.

2. Hotel Cala di Volpe, Costa Smeralda – Such a luxurious establishment is typical of Porto Cervo – the exclusive destination that is to Sardinia what St Tropez is to France. Hotel Cala di Volpe sits on the water’s edge, offering expansive views of the sea.

3. Villa Las Tronas Hotel & Spa, Alghero – Located on a cap, Villa Las Tronas Hotel & Spa is one of the most scenic hotels on the Island. Guests are treated to nothing but luxury at this 5-star hotel.

4. Hotel Il Castello Forte Village Resort, Santa Margherita di Pula – Offering a private infinity swimming pool and an oceanfront setting, the Hotel Il Castello Forte Village Resort indulges guests in the best of sardinia.

5. Hotel Pitrizza, Porto Cervo – The Hotel Pitrizza channels the stylish sense of luxury with which Sardinia has come to be associated with in recent years. Guests are treated to a seafront vantage point and and idyllic environment.

The 5 Best Sites of Historical Interest

1. Nora, Pula – This ancient settlement predates the Romans and is open to the general public as part of a museum. In the summer time, the old amphitheater is used for productions.


2. Nuraghe la Prisgiona, Arzachena – The Nuraghe la Prisgiona dates back to 14th century BC. Stroll around many hectares of ancient ruins, admiring the maze-like structures.

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3. Tharros, Cabras – Founded in 8th Century BC, Tharris is an important site of cultural importance in Sardinia. The historical story is fascinating, and the scenery is equally as appealing.

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4. La necropoli di Anghelu Ruju, Alghero – Most of La necropoli di Anghelu Ruju guides tourists underground where a series of tunnels and rooms connect to form something truly amazing. Wealthy rulers of the past were buried in this necropolis.

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5. Antas, Fluminimaggiore – With some of the temple of Antas still standing, visitors are treated to a fascinating insight into ancient architecture. The scenery surrounding the temple is also extremely impressive.

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