Geneva to your Winter Retreat

Geneva is the gateway to numerous winter wonderlands in both France and Switzerland, with endless powder runs to get all snow bunnies more than just a little excited. Geneva transfers are available from the airport to all major resorts in Switzerland and France and it is merely a matter of jumping into a luxury helicopter company transfer and enjoying the ride.

Whether you’re thinking of a Swiss resort like Gstaad or a French resort for your winter holiday break like Chamonix, helicopter transfers to your chalet can take half the time a conventional road transfer would and is a much more enjoyable ride.

Take a Geneva transfer over to Courchevel and your guaranteed spectacular views over the 3 valleys on your descent in a Courchevel helicopter transfer to your chalet or hotel. Les Trois Vallées is the largest inter linked ski area in the world with its own airport and heliport. It has the largest designated area for private landings and takeoff with easy access to the rest of the ski resort and motorways.

As Switzerland airports go, Geneva is well positioned for ease of access to both the Swiss and French ski resorts. Known as the city with the third highest quality of life worldwide, Geneva is known as the ‘Peace Capitol’ due to the fact it houses the Geneva conventions as well as many UN agencies headquarters and the Red Cross head office, in history it played host to the League of Nations.

The dominance of Mont Blanc in the city’s skyline serves as a constant reminder of just how accessible world class ski resorts are to those living and arriving into the city. A Geneva transfer leaving in a Chamonix helicopter could have you on the slopes in 20 minutes.

World class resorts in Switzerland within easy reach of Grenoble include Gstaad and St Moritz. Known as one of the most exclusive ski resorts, Gstaad is famed for its luxurious hotels, shopping and fine dining as well as being home to one of the largest ski resorts in the French Alps. St Moritz is situated on the highest summit in the eastern Alps and has hosted two Winter Olympic Games, one in 1928 and the second twenty years later in 1948.

With a luxury Geneva transfer with Helisecurite you’ll find yourself transported to your desired destination in ultimate comfort and style, not to mention the unique opportunity to see the world pass by beneath you.

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