Geneva Transfers – Discover the City and the Alps

Geneva is an international city on its own, and it’s not only home to one of the most recognized financial, diplomatic and cultural centers in the world, but it is also home to the finest skiing resorts on the planet. Geneva is surrounded by the two amazing mountain chains: the Alps and the Jura. The climate in the city is quite temperate but also features heavy snowfall in the mountain areas, further enhancing the skiing conditions. There are many world-renowned ski resorts found around the city including Morzine, Verbier Meribel, Val Thorens, Wengen and Zermatt. In addition, there are plenty of other ski-resorts within a few hours’ drive from the city. There is no doubt that Geneva is a hub for all sorts of winter sports activities and is generally seen as a gathering point for skiers from all over.

However, Geneva is not just about fantastic skiing, the city is of immense cultural and historical importance. Geneva dates back to the pre-Roman era and has evolved into a city with a truly vibrant culture a unique identity. The Old Town of Geneva is home to some of its most prized historical landmarks including the amazing 12th century Saint Peter’s Cathedral. A tour through the Old town will make visitors feel as if they are in a bygone era. The narrow streets, the wonderful shops, the mouth-watering restaurants and the fantastic galleries and museums found here will only further enhance any holiday experience.

One of the most noticeable things in Geneva is the pristine Geneva Lake. On the lake, you will come across a fine harbor featuring an excellent variety of boutiques, cafes and shopping areas. Take a simple stroll through the city to feast your eyes on the amazing art and architecture found throughout the city, including the famous Giant Flower clock, which features over 6500 flowers. The city also features many cultural festivals. One of the most popular ones is the Fetes de Geneve, featuring an exciting range of parades, concerts and concerts. Other interesting events include the Lake Geneva Wine Festival and the Swiss National Circus Knie.

Travelling across the city or travelling to any one of the amazing ski resorts in the surrounding areas can only be really appreciated via air travel. If you are looking for a quick Geneva transfer, helicopters offer the best mode of transport in this area, since they are uniquely capable of operating from various ski resorts and inside the city. A ride on luxurious helicopter offers the most spectacular views of the Swiss Alps, the amazing cityscape of the Geneva city and of course the serene Geneva Lake.

Geneva transfers by helicopter are affordable and easily accessible and are the perfect way to make a business trip or family vacations a truly memorable one. Also, keep in mind that when you travel by helicopter, you can sometimes specify the route you would like to take. This could mean that you could fly over your favorite sites inside and outside the city. In addition, travelling via helicopter can save a vast amount of time when compared to other transportation options. If you are looking for a Geneva transfer and are pressed for time, then opt for a  helicopter to even the odds.

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