Resort Review: Courchevel

Courchevel, the most prestigious resort in the 3 Vallées and arguably the whole of France has drawn ski enthusiasts to its slopes in Saint Bon since its construction in 1946. As part of the 3 Vallées resort, those staying in one of the villages in Courchevel have access to one of the largest ski resorts in Europe.

Courchevel refers to the region as well as to the towns, Courchevel 1550, Courchevel 1650 (Moriond), Courchevel 1850 as well as the villages of Saint Bon and Le Praz.

For those arriving at the resort on a Courchevel helicopter transfer these 5 villages are easily accessible with transfers direct to quests accommodation. Courchevel airport is known throughout the aviation world as a spectacular spot to land and was invaluable throughout the 1992 Winter Olympics. However it also has a certain degree of infamy as it is ranked 7th in the world’s most dangerous airports with a runway of only 525 metres. Luckily this is of no consequence to those arriving by luxury helicopter transfer.

This year the resort is opening on the 3rd of December, continuing through till the 27th of April. With over 600km of snow packed pistes to traverse, winter sport enthusiasts could be on the mountain all day every day during their holiday and still only scratch the surface of what the 3 Vallées has to offer.

British born champion skier and inventor of the slalom, Arnold Lunn was one of the first to ski the 3 Vallées. Hired by several wealthy businessmen who wanted a resort in France to match the popular Swiss and Austrian ones, he was asked to determine the suitability of the area as early as 1924.

On his return he reflected “In Savoie there is an exceptional site that comprises three almost parallel valleys: Saint-Bon, Les Allues and Belleville. In spite of their different features, they lend themselves well to the development of large resorts.

By far the most famous and highest village is Courchevel 1850. Known as the St Tropez of the winter resorts the world’s elite flock to Courchevel 1850. They’re stay is far from uncomfortable as Courchevel is home to 11 five star hotels and 7 Michelin ranked restaurants sharing a total of 11 stars. If five stars were not enough visitors could stay in one of the resorts prestigious six star hotel or ‘Palace’. With only 8 hotels in all of France being awarded this rating it is telling that Courchevel has two, no other ski resort in France have hotels with the ‘Palace’ ranking.

For further information on a Courchevel helicopter transfer please contect Heli Securite THE Courchevel helicopter Company. Not restricted to just Courchevel, helicopter transfers can be made for guests all along the 3 Vallées or to any resort in the French Alpes.

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