Luxury Hotels in Monaco

When looking to book into a luxury Monte Carlo hotel room what do you look for? For many it can be quite different. It goes without saying that quality is the norm, but quality of what? For busy parents, quality could be measured by a hotel’s ability to provide child-friendly services, giving the parents a much-needed lie-in, or for luxuriating in ‘grown-up’ pastimes.

For the businessman who has just completed a Cannes to Monaco helicopter transfer, who has no time to appreciate his surroundings, there are hotels which supply all that he needs in the way of conference rooms, work desks and superfast wi-fi. But only in Monaco can they also offer a welcome pause and take him out of his corporate mode just by glancing out at the beautiful sun-drenched bay, with its marina and super yachts, golden sands, each provoking the idea that it would be wonderful to come back for a more relaxing stay in a Monaco hotel.

There are hotels specifically for those who are serious about playing Roulette – need I mention the Casino Monte-Carlo here, construction of which was started in 1858. The legends, old and current, grip one’s imagination on entering, and one half expects Mr Bond (any Bond) to be seated at that table. If gambling is not the attraction then possibly the Grand Théâtre de Monte-Carlo, which houses ballet and opera productions within the Casino’s walls is more to your taste.  Its Beaux Arts, Empire style architecture is enough to make non patrons of either pastime linger outside and take in the beauty of both ‘house’ and gardens.

The Paris, the Hermitage, the Metropole, the Méridien Beach Plaza and the Fairmont Monte-Carlo … the standard is always high in Monaco with health club facilities and theme hotel restaurants Monaco, all guaranteed to provide breathtaking vistas. One of particular note is the Horizon Deck Restaurant in the Fairmont; true to its name, it seems to hover between sea and sky.

If you want the perfect view during the Grand Prix, make sure you book early into the Metropole and it doesn’t hurt that it happens to be located just across the road from the Casino.

A few words here will not do justice to the timeless beauty, elegance, grandeur, luxury and care that envelopes you in these unique hotels. The only difficulty is finding a berth when the circus –human or horsepower – comes to town; or during one of Monaco’s famed galas, or royal weddings……

Avoid the famed Monaco traffic and book a luxury helicopter charter company to transfer you to and from you luxury hotel. Take a Cannes to Monaco helicopter after the film festival to escape the crowds or alternatively take a return helicopter St Tropez to Monaco for the day and enjoy different surroundings and crowd

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