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All You Need to Know About MAPIC 2015

Celebrating its 21st anniversary, MAPIC 2015 promises to be bigger and better than ever before. Taking places on the French Riviera town of Cannes than needs no introduction, the leading international retail property market, the event includes 3 days of conference, networking and exhibition events aimed at factory outlets, leisure areas, retail property and transit zones.

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Allowing the retail property world to meet face to face, it’s a fantastic, human way to expand networks, learn about market trends, explore digital leads and potential and allowing retailers to ultimately expand their businesses. Over the years, MAPIC has evolved into a world class event with over 8400 international participants, of which are 2,400 retailers and 2,300 property developers. Packing ‘A year’s worth of business into three action-packed days’ it promises to be the networking melting pot of the year.

MAPIC appears to a whole host of angles including retailers, brokers, investors, developers, property managers, cities and local authorities, franchise partners and more. Brokers can find new retailers, retailers can scout new locations and build rapports with franchise partners, who can in turn optimise their brand license portfolio and source new brands who need expansion. Working like clockwork and functioning like what could be described as a seamless flowchart everyone is there to help each other and even indirectly, everyone is connected.

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With previous winners including Abercrombie & Fitch, Desigual, Europe, Asics, Primark, Multi Corporation amongst many others, the events recognises the best in development of many kinds, as well as retail. One of the formats that make MAPIC so successful is that of ‘speed dating’. Given an allocated time of 45 minutes, participants are paired up with 10 potential partners for 3 minutes at a time where they’re given the opportunity to introduce themselves, explain their business and exchange business cards. Revolutionising the business ‘networking’ concept, this efficient and speedy way to meet and greet allows for a multitude of information to be acquired and relationships to be established.

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Time is infinitely precious, especially in the sales, retail and marketing world and there’s an easier way then ever to arrive at the event and in total style and comfort. Travel through the skies and soar above the epic coastline than connects Nice airport to Cannes in an 8 minute transfer by helicopter, with the help of Heli Securite. Heli Securite will be offering the only ultimate time saving option by which to arrive at the event. Going the extra mile, literally, Heli Securite can arrange a limousine service from the landing point in Cannes to the the doors of the event. Luxurious, comfortable and stylish, Heli Securite can offer the choice from a bespoke and private luxury fleet for helicopter transfers to MAPIC 2016. With safety being of paramount importance, Heli Securite’s staff are trained to the highest professional standards in  client and passenger safety, with training in onboard maintenance, boarding and evacuation. An additional option is the regular helicopter shuttle service that operates between Nice and the event.

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