Review: Courchevel

Last month we looked at the vast opportunities now open to skiers when choosing their winter holiday destination. This Annecy transfer company makes it possible for winter sport enthudiasts to be on the slopes in less than an hour a number of international airports in France. So it is easy to see why more and more visitors are choosing to make the journey by helicopter year on year. What is more difficult to decide on however, is which Courchevel station to stay at.

Our first resort guide was a brief look at the gigantic Three Valleys region, which encompasses more than eight major resorts and covers a skiing area of more than 600 kilometres.

The Three Valleys can be reached in just 20 minutes by Courchevel helicopter transfer, one of the Three Valleys largest and best known resorts.

But what we didn’t mention was the sheer choice of resorts within Courchevel itself. Found below is a brief outline of each of the mini sub stations within this vast skiing metropolis. Each village can be easily accessed using an Annecy transfer company, who will be more than happy to help you start your holiday in style by a quick and safe Courchevel helicopter company.

  • Saint Bon: The birthplace of Courchevel, Saint Bon is located at 1100 metres. There are no ski lifts here although a free shuttle bus service takes you to the heart of the ski area runs throughout the winter. Saint Bon is accessible on decent however, if you are brave enough to tackle a red run.
  • Courchevel 1300: Le Praz, is located as you would expect at 1300 metres. The village is a beautiful example of Alpine architecture, with narrow streets and picturesque chalets. Unlike many modern ski resorts, La Praz has managed to preserve its authentic character and is home to a burgeoning population all year round. There is a direct connection by lift to Courchevel 1850.
  • Courchevel 1550: One of the most popular resorts where families are concerned as there is quick and direct access to Courchevel 1850, and onwards to all of the 3 Valleys ski area. Runs here are predominantly green and blue.
  • Courchevel 1850: 1850 is the king of the Courchevel resorts and the one that has given the area its global notoriety. Here you will find a number of first class restaurants, bars and five star hotels and, to remain in keeping, the skiing from here is also first class.


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