Safety at Heli Securite

Safety First at Heli Securite

Since 1992, Heli Securite has been providing luxury helicopter transfers across the French and Italian Rivieras and into the Alps; and there’s one thing we pride ourselves on, above all else – the safety of our clients.

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Perhaps it comes from the lineage of our founding president, Dominique Romet, whose family has been highly regarded in the mountain rescue field for over 30 years. His father was a professional helicopter rescue pilot and his brother was the youngest helicopter instructor in France. Once you know that, his obsession with safe and secure flying really comes as no surprise.

An acute eye for safety permeates into every part of Heli Securite, starting first and foremost with the helicopters themselves. 75% of the helicopters in our fleet boast the Eurocopter name: the Dauphin, single and twin-engine Ecureuils, the EC130 and the EC120, all of which are checked, renewed and upgraded on a regular basis.

But having the right equipment is only part of the procedure. You have to look after it too, and we take great pride in the maintenance of our helicopters. Our mechanics are all extremely well trained and highly experienced to make sure they’re performing exactly as they should be. They’re completely up to date with the latest technical specifications and methods so that nothing is ever left to chance.

Finally, our pilots are constantly reminded at our FTO Heli Securite Academy on the importance of safety both in the classroom and during in-flight training, no matter how many hours they’ve clocked up in the skies.

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All of these procedures ensure that we are trusted by thousands of clients to transport them each year, whether that be in and around the French or Italian Rivieras or to the Alpine region. In the off season, once the excitement of the Grand Prix and film festivals has died down, we also work extensively with companies to perform light aerial work. This includes precision lifting for building projects and even aerial camera work for both film and photography where these clients rely upon the unique skills of our pilots.

In fact we’re so certain of our safety record and safety practices that even Mr Romet’s father would be proud. Please contact Heli Securite to discuss your helicopter transfer requirements.

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