Saint Tropez to Nice and Every Festival Inbetween

The fashionable fishing port of Saint-Tropez enjoys a reputation for being one of the preferred holiday destinations on the Cote d’Azur for the rich and famous. Many column inches have been given to its stunning sandy beaches, trendy bars and luxury hotels.

What is less documented, however, is its string of religious festivals which bring a different kind of glamour to the seaside port. The festivals are a great opportunity to see another side to Saint-Tropez, and are well worth a visit.

The festival season begins in May, with the Fete de la Bravade. The festival is held in honour of the town’s patron saint and to commemorate, a colourful and noisy parade passes through the picturesque town behind a bust of the patron saint. The three-day festivities bring music and dancing to the town, which is just a 20 minutes trip in a helicopter from Nice to St Tropez.

Allowing little time for respite, Saint-Tropez’s next religious festival follows hot on the heels of the Fete de la Bravade. The Fete des Espagnols takes place on June 15th every year, and is a celebration of the town’s defence against the Spanish in the 17th century. Again, the narrow streets of Saint-Tropez erupt into colour and music, and the ambiance is second-to-none.

Visitors to Saint-Tropez will be mesmerized by the jubilant procession, which starts at 8am in front of the Mairie and lasts well into the day. Before heading back from St Tropez to Nice by helicopter, why not stop off for a relaxing meal under the stars on Pampelonne Beach.

Another festival which is highly recommended as a reason to take a trip in a helicopter from Nice to St Tropez is the Fetes des Vendanges, an event which is held every year to celebrate the beginning of the grape harvest. Saint-Tropez, in the Var department of France, is surrounded by mile upon mile of vineyards, with wine production being one of the region’s most important industries.

The Fete des Venganges takes place at a number of vineyards in the area, and is extremely popular with wine enthusiasts who come from across the globe to celebrate the legendary Var vine.

The closing event of the Saint-Tropez summer is held in October, when more than 300 of the most stunning sailing yachts descend on the town for the Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez Regatta. Marvel at the classic yachts from a spectator boat in the Golfe de Saint-Tropez, and be back in your hotel for dinner after taking the swift St Tropez to Nice helicopter service.

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