The Alps: Luxury off-piste activities

The Alps: Luxury off-piste activities

Vast mountains. Thick snowfall. Breathtaking views. They all combine to make the Alps one of the world’s premium skiing and snowboarding destinations, and thanks to Heli Securite’s alpine helicopter transfers, they have never been easier or more comfortable to reach. But there are many other ways to enjoy your time in this delightful corner of … Read more

Top 5 Reasons to Fly with a Helicopter to the Alps this Winter

Heli Securite off-piste pleasures

The French Alps offer the broadest range of skiing options in the world, and on account of the extreme altitude, the most reliable snow conditions. It is therefore little surprise that the French Alps continue to attract more people as a winter ski destination than anywhere else in the world. If that sounds enticing and you plan on going to the French Alps this winter, Heli Securite suggests its helicopter charter services to travel there and here are five reasons why:

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