3 of the Best Spa Hotels in the Alps

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Spa hotels perfectly complement the ski resorts of the Alps, and no skiing holiday would be complete without at least one trip to a spa. It’s even better when the spa is located within your own hotel. These spas are devoted to the well-being of the body and mind, and hotels offer the most prestigious … Read more 3 of the Best Spa Hotels in the Alps

Gstaad’s Most Luxurious Hotel: The Alpina

The Alpina Gstaad Heli Securite

The beautiful Swiss village of Gstaad is one of Europe’s most exclusive ski resorts; no place epitomises its glamour quite like The Alpina Hotel. This chic hotel has been a firm favourite since it opened in December 2012, attracting a steady stream of discerning holidaymakers and skiers who appreciate its luxurious and discreet surroundings. In fact, the distinctive newcomer has already made quite an impression and distinguished itself from its peers by winning a host of awards including the prestigious Conde Nast Traveler Gold List 2016.

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