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Top 5 Reasons to Fly with a Helicopter to the Alps this Winter

The French Alps offer the broadest range of skiing options in the world, and on account of the extreme altitude, the most reliable snow conditions. It is therefore little surprise that the French Alps continue to attract more people as a winter ski destination than anywhere else in the world. If that sounds enticing and you plan on going to the French Alps this winter, Heli Securite suggests its helicopter charter services to travel there and here are five reasons why:

Fast Service

Take a helicopter to Courchevel from Monaco and cut five hours of car travel down to one hour and five minutes with Heli Securite. Choose a Chamonix helicopter transfer from Grenoble and you can make it to the Alps in forty minutes rather than two and a half hours. Helicopter travel is the fastest way to reach the best alpine skiing destinations.

Avoid Traffic

Every year, 120 million people visit the Alps, and the large majority arrive during the winter season when traffic is at its worst. Countless people from across the world descend upon the French Alps in search of the ultimate skiing experience. Naturally traffic congestion becomes a problem. With Heli Securite, you can spend your time on the slopes and not at the wheel of a car.

Avoid Tricky Journeys

Not only are the roads congested, but they are also highly dangerous and difficult to navigate. You can escape endless car rides and avoid the unnecessary stress of the treacherous roads with Heli Securite. Alternatively, others travel to the Alps by train and bus but invariably encounter large queues, cramped conditions and an awkward journey involving several changeovers. One quick and direct flight from any of our several convenient landing spots is the solution to your travel problems this winter.

Beautiful Views

The hundreds of millions of people who visit the Alps annually don’t simply do so to ski, they also visit to see spectacular views from the peaks of Europe’s highest mountain range. High above the clouds, the landscape is dramatic and the scenery is awe-inspiring. There is no better way to view it than from the comfort and safety of a Heli Securite luxury helicopter. See the splendour of the Alps as few others have seen it.

Arrive in Style

Whether travelling to the Alps for corporate events or just to see family and friends, there is no more stylish way to arrive at Europe’s finest ski resorts than by helicopter. For corporate events, it’s a sure way to impress your colleagues and partners this winter.

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