Travelling from Nice to Cannes? Why not Charter a Helicopter?

The French Rivera is one of the most beautiful locations on earth and plays host to the rich and famous from all over. The Rivera has all the elements of a perfect holiday destination, from the breathtaking beaches to the beautiful countryside. The region is also home to some Europe’s most recognized destinations and two cities stand out from the rest : Nice and Cannes.  To enjoy every bit of this magnificent place, you must include a helicopter charter form Nice to Cannes as a part of your vacation. Looking out at the amazing natural wonders and the elegant cityscapes of these wonderful cities is a wonderful experience.

You can get onboard a luxurious helicopter at the Nice Cote d’Azur Airport. The airport is one of the most important airports in France. With two large terminals, the airport processes over 9 million passengers each year. Once you have cleared all the normal procedures, just sit back and relax as you set off to Cannes in style.

Cannes is more than just another city in the French Rivera; it is a global entertainment hub. Cannes has an amazing cultural and historical heritage that few cities can rival. Today, the city is best known for the Cannes Film festival, which is one of the biggest events in international showbiz. The festival is usually held during May-June and plays host to some of the biggest celebrities from around the world.

However the film festival is only one of the many attractions of the city. Like many other cities on the Riviera, Cannes features some of the most fabulous beaches in the world, where you can surf, sail or go scuba diving to your heart’s content. If nature does not appeal then the amazing shopping scene in the city will. Cannes features some of the finest high-end boutiques and shopping centers in the entire region. With its sheer beauty and elegance, the city has something in store for every kind of visitor and you will not be disappointed.

Cannes is not an urban jungle but a paradise is in its own right and what better way to witness the breath taking wonders of the city than from the air. A helicopter charter is the finest way to travel to Cannes, whether its landing at the Cannes film festival in style or circling above the city, feasting your eyes on its many attractions, a helicopter is perfect for every occasion. Apart from being the only practical air travel option, it is also the most exclusive way to get around.

Numerous companies offer direct flights from Nice to Cannes and vice versa and prices usually range from around 150- 180 Euros, depending on your package and requirements. You can easily customize the mood of your flight: have a romantic moment with a loved one, relax with your business clients or just have some fun with the family. Customizing your flight route to add any places of special interests is just as easy. So sit back, relax, and let yourself absorb every bit of this amazing city.

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